We are looking for the best and brightest to join our sales and marketing team Clearly-Defined Career Paths: Solid foundation of core competencies: Initially, we build a solid foundation to provide our team members with confidence in their leadership, public speaking, and time management skills. Hands-on training: We provide team members with hands-on training in business management, office administration, and team development. Management opportunity: Within less than a year after starting with NLD, our trainees are full-fledged managers ? having the tools and skills necessary to be successful in business and life. Continued promotions: If a team member chooses to continue moving up the ladder from management, numerous opportunities for growth are provided, including the possibility of running his or her own office on a client?s campaign. The NLD Group team members will gain invaluable experience in sales, marketing, and the intangibles that allow people to be successful in the business world and their personal lives.
Member count: 11-50