on place app for events nKron is a multiplatform designed to help you managing and visualizing your event schedule. For the organizer will be easy to create a new schedule for an event, just like inputting data in Wordpress. This solution will improve the organizer control over the analytics related to the event, improve his interactions with the parties involved, and increase its visibility. For a better experience, additional features or templates will be available to be add on demand, according to the size or format of the event. nKron also aims to enhance the final user experience by letting him aware of any changes in the initial timetable, creating new interactions with the organizer and the speakers, help decision making when there are multiple panels, among others. Besides, the final user will have a search feature for similar events of a certain category in a near range, some target marketing will be used based on his profile and preferences according to the category of the talks the user have been
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