420 friendly Resturant ANGEL INVESTORS: Times are changing - marijuana is becoming mainstream and the persons (potheads) who indulge tend to flock together - locations like this will be popping up all over the country, in city after city, town after town. Marihuana related entertainment (420) will become cliche. (1) - We are a restaurant catering to the new emerging "out of the Cannabis closet" - POTHEADS Opened as a Restaurant - May 2015 LOCAL REVIEW - hiddentrenton.com/weed-and-feed (2) - Liberty Bell temple III, inc. - attached to the restaurant is our SANCTUARY where spiritual potheads can "constitutionally" relax and indulge - we provide a spiritual aspect to their visit as well as serve as a "weed bucks" - similar to Starbucks: we have wifi, free coffee with lounge chairs and tables. (even gamenights) Opened as a Cannabis Temple - June 2015 youtube.com/watch?v=dncO7LI9qIo (Midnight Mass) - In this 24 hour world some want to experience their faith at night,
Location: United States, Trenton
Phone: +60 9-437 0898

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