Niv Entertainments Studio
Bringing new brands and icons into the global gaming world Boingkid? (Work In Progress) is a 2D game with a unique story of a toy's life that promises to introduce a new icon in platformer genre. The game would be the first episodic platformer game of its own as the story reveal its secrets and game mechanics gradually. Beside its unique story, you will experience an exciting platformer that holds you on the edge of your seat in the mysterious and magical realm of toys. The game inspired by titles such as Disney's Mickey Mouse and the castle of illusion and Disney's Epic Mickey but in an old school 16-bit visual style with a character with a look of 1930s cartoons character who offer challenging new game mechanics. Boingkid? is an original character and registered in copyright office and has a application on trademark office as a new global trademark. To learn more about Boingkid's story please visit, First look at Boingkid? on