Plan your night together NiteRoll initial plan was to facilitate mobile payments for the nightlife industry. We built an app that allowed people to find nightlife events and buy tickets or reserve guestlist directly on their phone. Built on top of a proprietary dashboard for nightclubs that allows them to manage content on the app, look at tickets sold or guestlist attended. But buying the ticket begins with planning. Planning your night with friends includes being spammed by promoters to events you don't care about, confusion and uncertainty about who, when and where. People rarely ever go out by themselves and usually find out about events through their friends. Now, we are revamping the app to streamline coordination of outings amongst friends to give the context for buying a mobile ticket and make it social, fun and prevent spam. Think of NiteRoll as a YELP meet Eventbrite for nightclubs coupled with some NiteRoll magic to save time on coordinating with friends and have more time to enjoy your night.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $4.7M