Connect light with sounds, videos & games Nitelight is an experience?s ameliorator. It permits the user to associate any types of his items connected to Wi-Fi with our light fixture, in order to improve his own experience at home when he is listening music, watching a movie or playing game. The light fixture aims to be used very easily at any moment as a party with friend or alone at home. It can be associated with a smartphone, a DVD player, a TV, a laptop or a video game console. The association of the items and the light fixture will let light games take place and fill in the room. These light games will be made by our clients/users through our software. This software lets them create all the light games they want to do. Then, they put the light games online and others clients can use them by our streaming view platform. The final price of the product would be around U.S $300 for a target including particulars and companies. We do estimate our profit margin at 32% and the first turnover about U.S $426,000. Merci beaucoup!