Nischint Technologies
Parental Control and Device Management Nischint began with a simple idea: everyone, especially our children, women & elderly should be able to use a mobile device safe from threats & disruptive influence.From a revolutionary ?Nischint for Parents and Kids? to ?Nischint for Women and elderly?, we want to help the entire community rediscover the use of mobile devices, assured that we can protect them from dangers that lurk in the online and physical world. The story is rapidly expanding with our ultimate goal of creating the most advanced open platform that adds new and interesting applications to keep up with the constantly changing threat landscape while making the experience immersive but safe. Our vision is to ensure the next 1 BN children are digitally secure. Launched in VAS ASIA on 11th July 2014, Nischint is a Hindi word which means ?carefree? & we want to personify this by impacting the lives across the world We are 1200+ customers as of 14th August 2014 and have secured a contract with a telecom operator in Nigeria.
Member count: 11-50