Confluence of disruptive eating with technology 1. The App on Disruptive Eating engages and empowers the community to eat right, get rewarded and be a part of fight against the global warming. Basically this App would bring the like-minded people on a common platform who believe in why we need to disrupt the way we eat. Many whys? Why 70% of US population are overweight? Why the obesity rate inched up to 36% despite spending $100B every year? Why the obesity rate for African-American women is 56%, the low income populace are disproportionately affected. Why 60% of US adult population does not know about BMI? Why per capita per day meat consumption in US is 330 gms, Europe 220 gms, China 160 gms? Why 64% of agriculture land used for animals' feed? 2. Nirmal Cafe - supports the food part of disruptive eating. Indian Curry makes it easier to disrupt the way we eat and our only 'Curry' products.can democratize the healthy food. Our target customer coalition consists of the low income populace, the students and the millennials.
Member count: 1-10