We’re Ninety – the innovation experts for the insurance sector. We help insurers thrive and innovate. We're a Social Enterprise: 90% of our distributable profits go to charity. Our 123 Framework™ lets you explore every idea. Our aim: test and learn, iterate MVPs, fail fast on weak ideas, but move to pilot quickly for strong ones… Our 1-day MVP ratifies a new idea for further development. We facilitate a 1-day event that explores an idea and brings possible solutions to life. We always have customers in the room with us at this event. Our 2-week design sprint brings the idea to life and determines whether it should be piloted. We run a co-located two-week design sprint process that builds a prototyped experience, considers the business case and operational plans. Customer involvement is critical to this period. Our 3-month scalable pilot launches the idea to a pilot group of customers and tests the case for scaling. We run a 3-month Scrum Agile process, building transactional capability on technology that can support further scaling. The pilot works closely with pilot customers. And how do we work differently to other innovation consultancies and agencies? 1. Agile approach in everything we do – optimal teams working collaboratively with our clients & their customers in a structured, iterative manner 2. Minimum Viable Product – demonstrating the commercial value in new solutions & technologies through an “MVP First” strategy where appropriate 3. Our Core Values – transparency, collaboration, honesty, sharing, and integrity.
Location: United Kingdom, England, London
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2011