Top of the class, a brilliant ergonomically designed wheel with magnificent power for an effortless ride in all terrains. Combined with an adjustable riding experience through its integrated Ninedroid app, the Ninebot One E+ has comfortable handling and provides a superior ride. A heavier wheel at 14.2 kg but with a longer lasting 340Wh battery allows you to ‘zing’ for that much longer. The Ninebot One comes with atmospheric-iridescent LED lights – 10 lights on each side, gives a total of 20 LEDs. So whether you choose a ‘knight-rider’ red or a ‘Tron’ blue – the choices are endless. Well suited to taller and heavier riders due to its 1500W (peak power) motor. An excellent choice for those who want a fuller experience.
Location: Australia, Western Australia
Phone: +61 1300 297 600