Deliver more qualified leads with digital storytelling DELIVER MORE QUALIFIED LEADS THROUGH DIGITAL STORYTELLING. Capture the interest and imagination of your audience in our unique Digital Interactive Storytelling Platform. Use buyer behavior metrics to tailor your response to their specific needs. Transform their interest into action. WHY USE NIMBLEPITCH - Better Qualify New Leads - Capture Your Buyer?s Imagination - Nurture Your Digital Relationships - Own The Buyer Experience - Refine and Evolve Your Message HOW IT WORKS 1) Add interactivity to your existing content and publish your new and improved story in an engaging virtual sales environment. 2) Integrate NimblePitch into your existing lead generation activities by directing leads to your new virtual sales environment. 3) As leads engage with your story, read their digital body language to more accurately qualify their level of interest and respond accordingly. Learn more at
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