*FDA APPROVED* The FIRST Exercise-Wearable, Reusable, Continuous, Cloud-Connected ECG! 80M+ people in the US are at risk of cardiovascular events. To adequately care for these people, medical practitioners need, multichannel, clinical-quality Electrocardiogram (ECG) devices that provide both on-site and remote, real-time, software-assisted monitoring and alerts. NimbleHeart is a clinical-grade, mobile cardiac monitoring platform that satisfies all of these needs. It's innovative, patent-pending technology and features include: * Reusable, dry ECG electrode-based harness/strap * No preparation requiring skin shaving/abrasion * 1-lead and 3-lead wireless form factors with custom-built ECG acquisition electronics * Real-time ECG data transmission to smartphone/cloud for remote analysis * Heart rate, harness status, and programmable alerts * 24-hour rechargeable battery unit * 12-lead form factor compatible with existing third party ECG hardware * Thin, lightweight (< 150gm) material that is easy to clean
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