B2B drones: expedited cargo We save people lives and corporate money. Nimble Aircraft provides a DaaS (drone as a service) of industrial inspections by unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Nimble Aircraft by using its Nimble Drone based solution able to save time and money and increase the overall availability for the powerline inspections (up to 90% of the time) because it can fly over powerlines or pipelines for a long distance. Nimble Drone builds the 3D model while it flies, checks the discharge going in wrong places by UV camera, overheated elements by IR camera and can create the whole report with a list of problemed areas and defects in just few hours. The Nimble Drone is very different from current solutions dominating the market when inspections are nothing more than glamour video footage. The whole automated process is the way to get robots in the air. The Nimble Drone can even start hovering over the defected area and notify operator for a detailed check.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $180K