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Studying a foreign language can be hard. The Japanese language can be harder. It's almost unbearable if you have to study on your own. That's what our founder, Taylor Dondich, did when he planned a multi week trip to Japan. He was always fascinated with the culture and chose to dive right in. To prepare for his trip, he studied the language for six months using tools you'd find in bookstores, on your phone and on your computer. Taylor's trip was a success and he had an amazing time. Knowing just enough Japanese to converse with locals and to learn more about their personal stories felt like a personal achievement. After returning, Taylor wanted to continue his studies but realized learning a language on your own can be tedious and error prone. After all, who is there to correct you when you are wrong? Who is there to practice with you? Nihongo Master was built to solve all that. By utilizing all the great things about the tools he used but none of the bad, Nihongo Master became a platform for other Japanese language studies to learn together and even compete. Japanese lessons created by native Japanese teachers and a community ready to learn along side you. We're constantly evolving our tools and techniques to make learning Japanese as enjoyable and as effective as possible. Because we know that even if you're by yourself, you don't have to learn Japanese alone. We now have over 50,000 students who learn Japanese. Join our community and start learning. We're here to help and learn with you.
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