Nightrevel supports nightclubs trying to find the right guests. Nightclubs have the opportunity to publish their events worldwide using the app, and can contact their customers directly through the platform. In addition, Nightrevel optimizes the nightclub’s resources and expenses, as there’s no need to pay for a promoter or host any more. Nightclubs can set their own commission fees for attractive and popular guests and can monitor their cashflow in real-time. Attractive women can be invited to maintain the image of the club. As well as free entry and free drinks in the lounge, popular women can ask for booking fees for putting in an appearance at this event. Men can register for events and buy tickets with special conditions to secure guaranteed entry. As a man, it’s often difficult to get into a nightclub, especially when going out in a group. This should now change, as long as the dress code of the relevant club is followed.
Location: United States, Florida, Miami Beach