Multi-Patented Lighted Storage Chests, Cases & Boxes nightrangerlightedboxes.net Between the years of 2004 through 2009, Brooks & Baker, LLC/Night Ranger TM Lighted Storage Solutions signed a 5 year, Worldwide licensing agreement with Flambeau, Inc. on our multi-patented product lines (4) and were sold in 15 countries. Products licensed were "The Lighted EMS First Aid Chest" (Roto-Molded and unbreakable, This product line will be presented to the Paramedical, GSA, Military, Marine and E-Commerce industries. The Lighted TM Fishing Tackle Box, Roto-Molded and Unbreakable, Will be distributed to the Fishing, Outdoor, Marine, Retail, Commercial Fishing, Home Shopping Network sectors and will also have a Plastic Injection Molded product line as well. "The Lighted Automotive Tool Box" will be made available to the Automotive Manufacture's, GSA, Military, E-Commerce and a Plastic Injection version for the Retail markets. "The Lighted Utility Chest" will be presented to the Power Companies, GSA and E-Commerce sectors.
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