OpenTable of Nightlife We've completely re-imagined how event-based venues operate through our software, specifically tailored to the nightlife industry. Nightpost allows venues to better plan their events, make use of social media as genuine sales channels, keep tabs on their staff and better evaluate their performance. In other words; - We replace a venue's clipboard with our consolidated list, updated by all promoters at once - We replace old-fashioned clickers with our beautiful mobile app that checks in customers in live time. - We replace 2001-style contact forms with an interactive web and Facebook widget that allows venues to convert web visitors into actual customers. - We replace "Yeah, I think tonight was good" with real-time analytics that are updated by the second. - We let venues judge your promoters' performance based on the quality of their customers, and not the number. In a nutshell, we're making sense of the frenetic chaos that goes on in every nightclub.
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