Local social discovery radar for nightlife Nightadvisor is an app and web application featuring all clubs and events worldwide. A minimalistic radar screen guides the users to the perfect location, highlighting spots based on their social data and interaction. The users check-in using iBeacon technology and GPS, rewarding them with awesome features: local tinder, special deals and a hotness ranking. People look at their smartphones every 6 minutes even in a club. Nightadvisor keeps the attention in the location enhancing real life social interaction. After a night out users stay connected, chat with their matches and interact with photos. Club managers get backend access to this new incredible set of data: detailed statistics about their target audience, where and how they can best reach them, who their most important multipliers are and how they can improve their core KPI, revenue per visitor. On top clubs and advertisers can use our own ad delivery system to precisely and individually adress their target group.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $175K