Nicotrax, Inc.
Nicotrax created a smart cigarette case that collects data and provides quit plan Nicotrax will bring smokers a more effective way to quit smoking by helping them find the best way to quit for them. Our solution to this problem comes in the form of a connected smart cigarette case. We have developed hardware that monitors the user?s habits by automatically detecting the removal of cigarettes from the case, and then recording this data through a companion Smartphone application. This app gives us the opportunity to analyze our users? habits and coach them through the process of kicking the habit for good. In addition to providing motivation recognition and distraction analysis, we have formed partnerships with nicotine replacement products that will help the user significantly increase their chances of achieving independence from cigarette smoking. Our solution also takes the individual needs of users into account by allowing the user to customize their experience in a way that fits them, and automatically adapts to ongoing habits to ensure success.