Exousia and Acher

Rent a car Problem: I worked at the landlord Herzt France (car hire) and I noticed during my following things missions. 1. The contract files are overloaded and still contain costs suppl?mentaires.Les customers do not always understand the lease and often pay additional fees. 2. Some days, customers walked away with unwanted vehicles. 3. Too many vehicles on certain days were parked in the parking lot and were not hired. 4. The customer can not flow all over europe. 5. The rental price was not stable. 6. Availability of vehicles compared to typical customers. Solution : Car sharing to repay his credit Share a good or service through private finance is likely. We will encourage owners of vehicles purchased on credit, to rent their cars to individuals when they are not used, and thus pay with the money raised part of their auto credit. Niceauditor to develop a service between particular and 24/7 service.