Uber for events - Matching the event to the restaurant/venue Matching making your event with restaurants and venues! Everyone is an event planner. Whether it be a dinner party for 20 or a corporate event for 200 plus - we help you find the venues. Set your budget & requirements then wait for venues that can work within your limitations. Save time and leave the sourcing to us. Only $20 to list an event. For the venues/restaurants - we get rid of inquiries so that they only respond to those that suits their business. It helps them get business. Its match making the event planner with the most suited venue (like Angel.co but instead of matching entrepreneurs with investors, we match make every person planning an event with the restaurant). Its a win-win situation for both! Plus to give restaurants credibility, we are a forum where restaurants can tailor & list their own deals for booking by our users. It is not a group buying scheme. It's more like an exclusive club where subscribers can see what last minute limited deals are on.