A pSaaS for planning small events and parties combining social media and e-commerce niarmi, Spanglish for "near me", is a celebration-centric product. There?s a difference between celebrations and events from a public perception standpoint. niarmi is here to assist all those people going through a bunch of hurdles when planning a baby shower, a birthday party or a wedding. niarmi is basically a personal SaaS for individuals to manage their party requirements all-at-once without moving onto another website. When planning a birthday celebration, niarmi might have potential guests already registered as members of its social space, and they might be friends anyone would like to invite. It also has an e-commerce platform supporting a gift registry as well as a service providers listing for you to buy cake and soda, hire a DJ, decorators, servers, dancers and everything in between from local suppliers under a escrow format. On the social side, all party planners have chat, e-mail, pic and video uploading and notifications to interact with service providers and guests.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $700K