NI-O Toys empowers kids to create 3D Printed Connected Toys and unleash their creativity NI-O Toys makes the next generation of toys, toys that answer the needs of 21st century kids & parents; Personalized 3D Printed Smart Toys. NI-O Toys' toys empower kids to create, imagine & learn while giving the right balance between the digital world and the Physical world. Kids use our fun and simple interface, the "Mix-A-Yoomix", to create their own toy, their own "Yoomix". NI-O Toys then uses 3D printing technology to manufacture the toys, assemble them together with the NI-O Toys smart electronics modules and deliver them to the kids. Kids then play with their "Yoomix" toys together with the "Yoomiverse" mobile and computer game apps that encourage them to explore and learn. Our toys and game apps are extremely fun for kids. Parents also really like them and feel they're better for the kids than playing with "regular" game apps.
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