IT Enable Property Management Our product name is e-propertyCARE. e-propertyCARE is an IT Enabled Property Management Platform where customers can manage their property starting from renting, contract management, selling, service request management from both house owner or tenant point of view in a smarter & reliable way. In all existing near competition, users are not updating the information of property all the time. Most of the case, it is being updated by the IT Enabled Service Company Executives & so there is always a question of data quality & validity. e-propertyCARE can maintain better data quality as here User will only update information & Admin also can play an added role. Moreover the search feature is very convenient for user from both side (owner and user). On the other point, all the existing property owner or manager can use the application for managing their existing tenants. They don?t need to use the application only for giving sale or rent notice.
Location: Bangladesh, Dhaka
Member count: 11-50