Ngie Youth Empowerment
Nurture Give Innovate and Educate Ngie Youth Empowerment Inc. is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to meet the educational and economic needs of impoverished children in Ngie. The mission of N.Y.E is to Nurture, Give, Innovate & Educate the children and youth of the Ngie community by providing them with an opportunity to have an education and become their own entrepreneurs in future. It is our belief that there is no civilization, development, economic and social advancement without access to proper education. N.Y.E strives to empower Ngie youths by providing them with both the mental and physical abilities necessary to build a better society for themselves. N.Y.E will provide scholarships and school supplies for thirty-eight primary and secondary school students from poor and low-income based households every two years. N.Y.E will also build a community center in Ngie to help combat unemployment and poverty in the region.