BuzzFeed For Doctors NGFeed aims to pioneer a new form of medical media, within an industry where journalism has been dominated by numerous archaic trade journals and fragmented small blogs. Essentially it strives to do for medicine what BuzzFeed has done for hipsters, and Engadget has done for techies. NGFeed has been developed in response to a growing demand from the healthcare industry to provide a vehicle for blogging and content writing. This is evidenced by the fact that blogging is now recognised by a number of specialist colleges in the United Kingdom as a means of accruing all-important CPD points and securing the better jobs. Moreover, various social media and blogging conferences (such as SMACC) are further popularising the idea of blogging and social sharing. NGFeed has been built by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals, and we hope we can make it into something really special in 2015!
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