NGEMS: Next Generation Emergency System
Next Generation Emergency System NGEMS provide hardware and software solution to equip structures and personnel with up-to-the-moment situation awareness necessary to maximize rescue operations effectiveness. Goal: Increase safety standards, reduce casualties and save lives during emergencies. NGEMS Technology: It is a Hardware radio module and software solution using IOT architecture to proved real time status of compromised site offering life saving information like Compromised site overview, Building Occupancy, Location of trapped civilians, , Safe and Compromised Exits. Key partners/ Influencers: City Planning, Insurance Companies, Construction companies (Private and Commercial Properties), Manufacturing Companies, Network Providers FDNY/ Homeland/ Call takers/ Law Enforcement /paramedics Customers: 1. Property owners 2.Facility installation management team 3. Risk managers Value Proposition: 1. Maximize rescue operation effectiveness 2. Reduce liability cost for Risk Managers