Based in Alberta, Canada, nFluids was incorporated in 2012 to solve oil and gas drilling fluid challenges using leading edge nanotechnology. Today, nFluids Inc. is an innovative nanotechnology company that designs and manufactures cost-effective nanoparticle additives. The team’s focus forms the basis of four filed patent applications that defines nFluids’ technology platform. Using similar processes and materials, nFluids plans to use the technology to solve related challenges in other industries. By using controlled chemical reactions we are able to control the size, shape, functionality, and final concentration of the nanoparticles. This mechanism allows us to offer unique solutions to our clients for high-volume bulk processes or bespoke applications. nForcer™, the first commercial product, is a high-performing, multi-functional drilling fluid additive compatible with all mud types. nForcer™ is a true platform technology in that this product can be used in applications beyond oil and gas.
Location: Canada, Alberta, Calgary
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2012

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