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nFluids designs-manufactures nanoparticles to solve problems cost effectively nFluids design and manufacture commercial levels of nanoparticles using a bottom up approach which gives us fine control over the size, shape and functionality of the end product. nFluids technology is a true platform technology in that there are multiple applications - Fracturing - Lubrication - Cementing - Corrosion control - Enhanced Oil Recovery - Conformance control - Oil & Water separation - Marine & Land spillage nFluids first commercial product (nForcer) is a nanoparticle drilling fluid additive which is compatible with all drilling fluid types, bringing the end user multiple benefits in one product with the potential to replace other products or form the backbone of the next generation in drilling fluids. In this respect nForcer is truly a disruptive technology. Key Drilling benefits: Up to 70% reduction in drilling fluid loss during drilling Up to 60% increase in Well bore Up to 50% increase in Lubricity 15-20 % Less Oil on cuttings
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