platform that bridges the gap between businesses, websites What Nezibo does is offer an opportunity for both visibility and convenience. Businesses and websites of all sizes have their very own place where they can not only host critical information users want (and need) to know, but it can also serve as a ?do it all? social platform. Updating your Nezibo page means having the chance to instantly share new information across all major social media networks. No more spending money on repetitive automation mechanisms or social marketing services that take time to become adept at. Updating a Nezibo listing means updating users interested in your business. The best part is, there is no limit on the amount of information a business wants to share. Updates can be made once a day or a hundred times a day. For the user, this also means a greater level of accessibility. People can find businesses by searching via industry or location, or by picking up clues from other community members. It is a fluid, interactive experience everyone benefits from.