Nexus Product Design
We create Physical Ideas (Frog Design, Edison Nation) Nexus is a full scale design firm with the means to engineer, rapid prototype, build brands, and fully integrate digital or physical products into the market. Our team has successfully integrated over 20 products in store with retailers like Target, Home Depot, Costco etc. with our network. Beyond retail we have built the infrastructure to launch online products through various channels with in-house developers, in-house social media mgmt, an in-house video production team and direct relationships with a multitude of large online distributors and retailers, like Amazon retail. Our mission is to continue creating thoughtful products that offer something new to various markets while leveraging our network and services to also provide the same opportunity to businesses looking to do the same. From our proven capabilities ranging from engineering, to sourcing, to manufacturing, to branding, marketing and full scale market integration, our potential for growth is exponential.