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All of your data and communication silos are unified to deliver smarter targeting, relevant messages resulting in a better engagement. It’s a modern Customer Data Platform as defined by David Raab combining three layers (i.e. Data, Decisions & Delivery) to offer an Integrated Suite: a- Data: gathering and unifying customer data from all sources into profiles of both anonymous and identified users b- Decisions: using that data to select the best treatment for each interaction with predictive models, specific message selection and multi-step campaigns c- Delivery: conveying those treatments through the appropriate channel systems. - Real-time Intelligence Create one-to-one messages using behavioral analytics triggering the right content at the right time. It processes the users’ activity while taking into consideration their history, hardware, software, locations, marketing campaigns, demographic and geographical data. The platform can integrate external data and features multiple trackers, a solution to create relevant workflow and a quick integration with marketing applications. The goal is to boost business Intelligence allowing flexibility, reactivity in real time and actionable user insights. By embedding IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence services and statistical programming language, NextUser is strengthening the capabilities of its Decision Engine by adding natural language processing technology and deeper analysis in order to produce results with: - Cognitive and social characteristics, harnessing linguistic analytics to understand personality, writing style and social characteristics based on any text (social media, blog, book). - Intuitive actionable observation on your datasets, powered by R and machine learning algorithms and models such as logistic regression, Spark & others. We now have the ability to answer not only the usual “What happened?” and the far most insightful “Why did it happen?”, but also the forward looking “What will happen?”.
Location: United States, California, San Francisco
Employees: 11-50
Founded date: 2013

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