Intelligent demand planning & adaptive pricing NextOrbit helps Retailers, e-commerce companies and CP Brands through AI & Machine Learning to address intelligent demand planning & price optimization. NextOrbit models price-elasticity and demand for every product, and category that a Retailer carries, helping you optimize and maximize metrics that's paramount for you to stay ahead of the competition. From this intense analysis and deep understanding of your demand and customers, NextOrbit gives you - 1) Demand Plan & ship Orders 2) Procurement Recommendations 3) Price Recommendations 4) Promotions Recommendations. 5)Size ratios by store (for fashion). NextOrbit maps out all of your relevant local events and competitive activity including pricing. The benefits of NextOrbit Platform ? ? Maximizing margins and sales ? Enhance OSA ? On shelf availability ? across channels ? Working capital optimization ? Reduction of inventory, and improved inventory turns ? Better pricing, more sales ? Higher customer experience and loyalty
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