A battery with unlimited power for smartphones, electric vehicles and whole cities Nextenergylabs have a mission and it is to develop a battery that you don?t have to charge at all, first we are going in the smartphone and electrical vehicle market but the final goal is that the battery will power whole cities and countries. It will be the energy source the world have been locking for, a clean and unlimited energy source. Say goodbye to oil,solar,wind and fossil fuel. The battery will make the world a more stabile and safe place to live on, both for humans and for the planet. There is no better time than now because we are using all the planets resources and destroying the planet for further generations to come. Battery NGBx1 Smartphone 11-22 kAh ( 11.000.000 mAh ) Battery NGBx2 Electrical vehicle - 60.000 - 120.000 kWh Battery NGBx3 Building and city - 1.000.000 - 5.000.000 kWh