Digital brokering service for musicians Next Big is a digital brokering service where whoever wants an unforgettable event can book live music performances. It's all transparent and you can see prices as well as ratings. So if you, your company, your friend, or whoever, is hosting an event you can find the right live music performer from our website and app. Booking artists for an event is very complicated and requires intermediators taking big fees. If you want to book an artist for your birthday party it's going to be hard to find the right talent for the right price. The annual revenue of live performances in Sweden are 500M$ and Sweden represents roughly 1% of the global market. Next Big offers a transparent solution where you can easily filter according your own preferences and find the right talent for the date of your event. We are rather than competing against booking agents, working together with them and offering them and their artists free exposure for a small transaction fee of the booked performance.