Stopping fires before they start If it's good enough for Brad Pitt... Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Legendary actor and philanthropist Brad Pitt wanted to help with its rebuilding. In partnership with the Make It Right Foundation, Mr. Pitt designed and built a number of eco-friendly, high-efficiency homes, and all the wood used in the construction was protected with NexGen. More than a decade later, the homes are as beautiful and enduring as the city they reside in. So why did Mr. Pitt insist on using NexGen? Only with NexGen will the entire wood package used in construction be: - protected from fire - protected from mould, mildew, and wood-boring insects, including all termites - protected using only non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals - insured by the world's only third-party, global warranty for all of the above (yes, including fire) Yet all this protection adds less than 1% to the overall building costs. Why would anyone say no? At the very least, shouldn?t everyone be given the option?
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