New York Rock Exchange

New York Rock Exchange
**What is the New York Rock Exchange?** We thought it would be cool if you could buy a share of stock in a song. We did a bunch of research and found out you can’t. So we invented a way. The New York Rock Exchange works with artists to create SongShares. SongShares are loosely modeled after shares of stock but specially designed for fans rather than investors. You can buy and sell SongShares at **What do you get when you buy a SongShare?** Each SongShare starts with a limited edition ‘rock certificate’, which is a beautiful, physical piece that we create with the artist. We even ship them in custom designed album covers, just like vinyl. But unlike records, SongShares come with benefits. Shareholders get exclusives from the artist like unreleased tracks, hand signed lyric sheets, early access to tickets, and much more. Each SongShare is different, so check out for more information. **What songs are available?** There are new songs coming out each month, from classics like The Zombies 1969 hit ‘Time of the Season’ to hot emerging artists like American Idol finalist Crystal Bowersox. Check out to see exactly what songs are available and get on the mailing list for new IPOs. **How much do SongShares cost?** They generally start between $20 and $50, but the price changes based on demand just like the stock market. Prices generally go up, so people that get in early get the best deal. **Can fans resell their SongShares?** Yes. Unlike MP3s, CDs, and other ways that people own music, SongShares are all limited edition. They can be resold at any time, and like baseball cards, memorabilia, or limited edition art, their value can increase over time. **Why do people buy SongShares?** SongShares are a whole new way to think about collecting music. They are a perfect combination of: -A high end, limited edition collectible. -A physical piece of art created to be part of the music experience. -A way for fans and artists to connect, and fans to receive exclusive rewards. -A great way to support the artists who make the music. -The ultimate gift for music fans.
Location: United States, Arizona, Scottsdale
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2010

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