NewWorld Connect Middle Desciption
YOU designed social and learning 60% finish. read this now and get to us via messaging. b) 2nd, your parents probably complain or are addicted to the downfall of our generation: viral media and content. c) Shakespeare is not viral, it is much, much, much better in many ways for your mind, profession, and health even in mental levels. d) We use content matching to your interests, but moreso use fields as depth, classics, and high potential to stimulate, entertain, and inspire and push YOU. Imagine your ideal news feed - sometimes we don't like reading books, but when I read scientific American, I went from 8 hours guitar practice to 4 hours of science, along all. Important fields to write, match, and sort your news feed. Lack of randomness, you can check on each friend, and remove the goal of ADD drifting though Facebook, which as we write on our next post, cause violence and crime cultures, and of poor socialization. Your best socialite is William Shakespeare, not one who spends all time on the network. 1 company.