Newtrax Technololgies
Data from Underground Hard Rock Mines Newtrax develops wireless devices for people, machines and sensors that can connect to any network available in the mine including leaky feeder, Wi-Fi and LTE. The positioning of mobile terminals on underground mine maps is achieved by leveraging any tracking information provided by the networks, plus any dedicated EPC RFID tracking system. To solve network connectivity challenges in fringe areas of the mine where wires are unreliable such as development headings, cut-and-fill stopes, Alimak raises, undercut in block caves, as well as during post-accident rescue operations, Newtrax provides a battery-powered wireless network called MineHopTM: the only technology simple enough for timely deployment by any worker underground. For proximity warning and collision avoidance, Newtrax provides another unique network called MineProxTM, which is optimized for low-latency ad-hoc peer-to-peer communications and ranging between vehicles, pedestrians and fixed hazards.
Member count: 51-200