Syrena - The Disney of Electric Cars Syrena is Poland's premier brand of automobiles named after the Polish legend of the "Syrena" Mermaid dating back to the 1300's. The first Syrena was introduced in Poland at the Pozna? World Fair in 1955. Production started in 1957 at the FSO (Fabryka Samochod?w Osobowych) plant in Warsaw, Poland and lasted until 1972. From 1972 to 1983 the Syrena was produced at the FSM (Fabryka Samochod?w Ma?olitra?owych) plant in Bielsko-Bia?a, Poland. An estimated 521,311 Syrena automobiles have been produced since 1955. Arkadiusz Kaminski is the Polish-Canadian founder of AK Motor, with rights to continue the Syrena brand. A new 2-seater urban car will bring electric motoring to the masses. 15 minutes charges the battery to 90%, and a low price, makes Syrena NIXI a game changer. The Syrena stands out from its peers with its well established philosophical brand underpinning. The "Mermaid of Automobiles" has an instant emotional connection with customers. Polish government funding also.