New Sweden Society AB
Real-estate for refugees New Sweden Society is a fast growing care and real estate company that delivers Homes for refugee children, Foster and Asylum Accommodation for Swedish municipalities and government organizations. With the dramatic increase in refugees and unaccompanied children seeking asylum or having received permanent asylum in Sweden - the demand for long-term accommodation and care services has grown strongly - Every day, between 100 to 200 new refugees to Sweden. The refugee crisis has resulted in a dramatic increase in the resources spent on accommodation, food, education, care and integration of asylum seekers to the Swedish society. The budget for Integration and Migration (Source: Swedish state): 2014: USD 2.99B (Equivalent to SEK 24.4 billion) 2015: USD 4.07B (Equivalent to SEK 33.2 billion) (current financial) 2016: USD 4.92B (Equivalent to SEK 40.1 billion) (budget) 2017: USD 5.36B (Equivalent to SEK 43.7 billion) (forecast)
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $28K