NewsToss started in May 2015 under the name of News Curation Softwares and Online News Delivery Company. We instantly felt the need of standardizing our backend of news curation and make it a software usable by online news publishers, however, at this time we did focus more on enabling news reporters work remotely. We are currently working with various News Applications for their daily news curation. NewsBytes and Way2News are some of their names. Devoted to creating the best software solutions, in October 2015 we partnered with one of the leading computer and internet monitoring developers in the market to recode their software from the ground up. Now with full activity monitoring and enhanced filtering, our parental control is becoming a total package solution for anyone including employers and parents looking to monitor, filter, and restrict computer usage. Some businesses, schools, libraries primarily using our parental control as an employee monitoring software. Whether you are a concerned parent, employer, or other... the uses are endless.
Location: India

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