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investing money in waste recycling companies Company to open with VAT which has two business sectors. 1) Waste management: (recovery of waste (Pet, HDPE, aluminum) through contracts with large-scale distribution and resale of waste the most valuable company nationwide. With a minimal amount of compactors, members earn 3% each month, 40% a year. Ability to insert in the contract the return of the amount invested after 24 months. 2) Investment in pure leader internationally and manages waste in Europe. This monetary investment allows members to have a safe average gain of 50% per year, 110% in 24 months and the ability to increase revenue per 24 months as a quote from Budget at 3 in the Annex. Market, target and competitors Market: Recovery of raw materials for recycling and produce new items to figures much lower. Target: local, trompia Valley (bs) with GDO contracts in order to recover their waste and their customers to be able to resell and recycle. Target: European company that manages waste in Europe.