Research news articles People reading news pick the articles they like to read. Now, with NewsAnglr users have the possibility to research the articles they like. If you are an investor reading an article that brings up new elements to a business you invested in, you might want to find out more. You don't want more of the same, but additional information. Here often starts an explorational journey on the web. We can make this much easier. With 1 click NewsAnglr retrieves similar content out of millions of articles and analyses the related content for informational clusters offering users an overview of the major topics. Any professional who is interested in content that offers real value can benefit. You just want to read news in your spare time? NewsAnglr allows you to find out if there's any angle to the story you're reading. People in the fast lane of news consumption can track our NewsAnglr twitterbot tweeting newscards, or send interesting articles to @askAnglr and our bot answers with an analysis
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