New England Cavalry
youth 2 professional sports Building a multi-dimensional sports organization. In 2018 we are growing in two exciting directions: 1.) professional arena football in the AAL- currently there are 12 teams up and down the east coast, with a Canada division added this year, and a west coast division and Mexico division being added for 2019. For the 2019 season, the amount of teams is expected to almost triple. 2.) youth flag, it is open to children in grades K-8 and our goal is to make it as inclusive as possible. We want every child who has an interest in participating to have the opportunity to play. Whether the "limitation" be financial, physical, whatever, our goal is to find a way to make everyone feel included. The goal is to be fun and competitive, but we want this to be an experience for the athletes and their families. All of the games are going to be played on a college turf field, from 6-9 at night "under the lights". There will be an announcer for the games, music & food truck vendors.