New Dominion Enterprises (NDE)
NDE is commercializing inorganic electrolyte material(s) for lithium batteries All lithium batteries, regardless of size or use are subject to thermal related issues. At a minimum, the heat generated internal to the battery as it generates energy causes degradation of the organic electrolyte which in turn leads to the battery's inability to charge to its original and intended levels. In some cases thermal runaway occurs leading to fire or explosion. Because NDE's materials are inorganic they resist thermal related issues that plague conventional organic electrolytes. NDE's first product is an "additive" intended to replace up to 20% of the organic material. This was successfully tested and NO FURTHER development is needed. We are now at the scale-up phase and have a manufacturer to provide pre-scale-up volumes (up to 100 kg/month). To the extent that our materials replace the organic materials the resistance to thermal issues increases. Thus the transition from the "additive"( up to 20% replacement) to the co-solvent (30-50% replacement) yields greater benefits.