Newby's Computer Service
Computer Service Membership The company (Newby's Computer Service, NCS) offers membership packages that are priced at $20 per month. Customers are giving up to 3 appointments per month. The first appointment is always used on maintenance of computers. The second two can be used for emergency uses or computer lessons. All 3 appointments are 3 hours. They can be used all at once for a total of 3 hours. NCS uses different programs to operate online to reduce prices, and the site is built to be able to accept hundreds of new customers easily. It has appointment scheduling, auto-payment system (through Paypal), and automatic invoices for customers to request billing. Customers with a membership will have a dedicated team of IT experts who are able to help with any problem that may occur. Customers can receive 24/7 help with any registered computing device. Our target is 40+ of age, these will likely be families with 3-5 computing devices. Small businesses are also a target.
Member count: 1-10