Automated Apparel Tailoring New Manhattan creates a world where sizes don't exist and everything fits perfectly every time. Any brand. Any style. We remove the major friction points for buying clothes online. There?s no need to try on clothes or guess the correct size before making a purchase. We use our proprietary technology to quickly, conveniently, and accurately provide customization and a perfect fit. Our automated tailoring machine can alter clothes perfectly in minutes, so the customer won't have to wait for weeks or even months to receive their tailored clothing. Our plan is to start with individual brand partnerships and move towards large e-commerce platforms. We alter prefabricated garments, so we can easily onboard new brands and our partners can keep their existing supply chain. Our current technology can tailor dresses, collared shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and most other tops. Other product categories are currently under research and development.
Member count: 1-10