ColorFlash? from New Kinetics O?
Stopping Cheating in Sport ColorFlash? is an elegant technological answer to detect foul-play which is being perpetrated against the most creative and valuable footballers. The fabric of the shirt is knitted/woven from specialised fibres and when subjected to a sharp tug the structure of the textile simply changes colour to show the referee that an offence has occurred. Blue can flash white, red can flash yellow, white can flash orange ? it's absolutely endless. As endless as the number of colour combinations that exist in football strips throughout the world?s favourite game. And then, in real-time, the textile reverts to its original colour. On-off. The flash of colour indicates the offence and then the shirt reverts to its regular state. Teams wearing a ColorFlash? shirt will demonstrate clear visual evidence of foul play against them. There is no comparable product on the market so the competitive advantage is unique and immediate. For more info:
Total raised: $50K