Maker of Neuroon Inteligent Sleep mask @SkyDeck UC Berkeley Neuroon is a breakthrough in sleep science that combines state-of-the-art technology with the common sleep mask. It is an intelligent sleep mask that analyzes and optimizes people?s sleep. With built-in biometric sensors, Neuroon measures all important biological signals, including brain waves (EEG), muscle tension (EMG), eye movements (EOG), pulse (pulse oximetry), body temperature and body movement during sleep (actigraphy). All these signals are used to determine what sleep state the user is in and provide the user with sleep analytics to understand how they sleep. In addition, NeuroOn can provide users with light therapy to help manage the user's circadian rhythm, fight jet lag and change their sleep habits to be optimized to meet the needs of a 21st century lifestyle. This helps shift workers and frequent travelers shift their circadian rhythms to be aligned to their sleeping needs and allow they to feel refreshed and awake on the job.
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