NeuroMash is a casual mind control casino gaming company Neuromash is a casual gaming company that wants to ?mash-up? classical gaming with unique and novel form of user interactions. For instance, mind control will represent one of the next waves of gaming following motion sensing (Wii) and gesture sensing (Microsoft Kinect). We currently utilize newly available inexpensive EEG reading headset tech wearables for our gaming purposes. Our proprietary new genre of casual ?mind control? casino gaming offers a "disruptive" level of user interaction right along with currently available traditional casual/social casino gaming. Mind control and other incoming applications of other tech wearables will offer casino gamers what they have always wanted, the power to self-influence their odds of winning. With it`s currently first in class patent (US 9,412,233 B1) and follow up patent applications, Neuromash has positioned itself as the sole company with proprietary ownership rights for the application of "all tech wearables" in "all casino gaming".
Member count: 1-10